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How To Install CageFS on CentOS

In this article we will see, how to install CageFS on CentOS and basic commands to manage the users.

CageFS is a virtualized file system that enables an individual user to hold its own cage. Each customer will have its own completely working CageFS. It is completely transparent to your customers, without any requirement for them to adjust their scripts.

Following are the commands to install CageFS on CentOS:

yum install cagefs
/usr/sbin/cagefsctl –init

To enable CageFS for individual user:

# /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –enable [username]

To disable CageFS for individual user:

# /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –disable [username]

To Uninstall CageFS:

# /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –remove-all

This command will disable CageFS for all customers and unmount CageFS to all users.

Remove CageFS RPM:

# yum remove cagefs

In this article, we have shown how our support engineer install CageFS on CentOS and manage the users

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