Minimum Server cost for a Small Business

In this article, we shall discuss how much does a server cost for a small business.

Are you thinking to buy the dedicated server but confused about whether you rent the server or own the server?

This article will help you with the answer. We shall discuss the pros and cons of buying the own dedicated server.

When you configuring your dedicated server, you have three options. Anyways, you can:

  • Rent the server from a service provider such as HostPerl for one fixed monthly or annual fee
  • Buy a server from a firm like Dell and store it in your office or
  • Buy and host a server in our data center. That is known as colocation.

The above solution has advantages and disadvantages, so we’re going to discuss each one so you know which route could make your company more sensible.

Renting A Server


  • One fixed monthly price which includes hardware, cooling, power, security, and 24×7 support.
  • Access to the latest hardware with the option to migrate to a new server at any time as hardware improves.
  • 24×7 onsite support to assist you with any server related issues.
  • No hardware replacement costs. We will quickly replace any failed hardware components.
  • Redundant power, networking, and security that would not be feasible in an office environment.
  • Reduced hardware costs.


  • No physical access to stored data, you would need to copy the data from the server to local storage if your business were to close down.
  • Buying hardware could be cheaper for companies who want to remain on the same hardware for years.

Host a server in your home


  • One large, up-front payment to worry about and the hardware can be used until it is obsolete.
  • Physical access to the hard drives to store the information offline.


  • Additional expenses for power, cooling, and networking.
  • No redundancy typically available for power and networking.
  • No security or fire suppression in place to protect server data.
  • Hardware repair and replacement costs.
  • Server hardware.

Buy your own server and colocate it in the data center


  • Server is securely stored and monitored 24×7.
  • Redundant network, power, and cooling.
  • Precisely climate controlled with fire suppression.
  • 24×7 remote hands.


  • Up-front hardware cost.
  • Responsible for hardware replacement in the event of hardware failure.

Now that you know the three choices for setting up a small business server, we’re going to discuss some examples of pricing scenarios based on your needs.

For some business we have dedicated server in the range of $149 to $184 per month. These servers are high performance with 10Gbps port speed. Which will help you increase your project’s performance. If you want to start with VPS (It is a small part of the dedicated server) which will work as a dedicated server. We have VPS hosting starting at $6.99 to $69.99 per month.

A small business server can cost based on how much CPU, bandwidth, disk space, and memory are required. Also, there are other factors. These include RAID, security against DDoS, and type of hard drive used on the VPS hosting or dedicated disk.

Additional Cost Considerations

The Initial Setup Cost

Another consideration when trying to figure out “how much does a server cost for a small business?” is the setup cost.

This isn’t a job that most business owners would want to handle alone. Therefore it is better to hire the experts.

A standard rate will between $100 and $150 for this work, but it also varies depending on the task. Setting up an email server, for example, or recovery from a disaster and advanced backup system are significant projects.

The key to an affordable and successful server setup is finding the right team to handle the job.

Maintenance Costs

You’ll need professionals to come in and manage your server, and from time to time offer troubleshooting tips. You can rely on our 24×7 expert support team for advice if you want to rent or colocate a server, rather than trying to employ a pro.

Servers are complicated pieces of software and hardware, which must manage to continue to function accurately. Precise maintenance costs rely on what’s required.

We have discussed about server cost for a small business. If you need more information about purchasing a server for your small business, contact our team. We can help ensure your business runs smoothly.

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