Steps To Install Control Panel in KVM VPS

In this tutorial, we will see how to install control panel in KVM VPS.

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In client area, navigate to Services -> select your KVM VPS, you will be on KVM VPS management page. Click on Install tab.

install control panel in vps

Navigate to Control Panel tab.In this page, you will see list of the control panels. Choose the control panel you want to install. For this demonstration purpose, we will install cPanel.

select control panel

Once you click on the control panel icon, one window will popup of the confirmation, like shown below:

confirm the installation

After the confirming the installation, you will get success box which tells us that, shutdown and start the VPS to get install the control panel.

success message of the installation

After it, shutdown and start the VPS from the control panel.

power off and on the VPS

After you power off and on the VPS, it will take 30 minutes to install the control panel. Once it will be installed, you can access the control panel using the IP address. For example: we have installed cPanel, so now we can access the cPanel using IP address and port like shown below:


That’s it. we have seen how to install control panel in KVM VPS.

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