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How To Move vmail To Another Partition

In this article, we will see how to move vmail to another partition.

When the disk space of the partition / or /var/ gets full, it’s better to move /var/vmail to larger partition which has more free space. Most suitable director is /home.

So, let’s get started.

If you want to check free space of the all partition, you can use following command:

# df -h

First, check /var/vmail space using following command:

# du -hs /var/vmail

1. Stop postfix and dovecot service:

# systemctl stop postfix dovecot

2. Use rsync command to copy the vmail directory to new location

# rsync -av /var/vmail/ /home/vmail/

Note: above command will copy vmail to /home/vmail with all existing permissions.

3. Keep a backup of /var/vmail directory

# mv /var/vmail /var/vamil.orig.bak

4. Next, create a symlink to new location from old location

# ln -s /home/vmail /var/vmail

Symlink create a reference from new location to old location.

5. Now, start postfix and dovecot

# systemctl start postfix dovecot

That’s it. We have ran all necessary commands.

Send a test mail and if all works well, you can delete the /var/vmail.orig.bak directory to make the space available.

In this article, we have seen how to move vmail to another partition.

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