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Steps To Disable Email Notifications of Kaspersky Updates on Plesk Server

In this article, we will disable email notifications of Kaspersky updates on Plesk server.

Are you receiving email notifications from Plesk server about Kaspersky update? This article will help you to disable the email notifications.

These steps are support to Plesk Linux server

1. Connect to Plesk server using SSH

2. Change current directory to Kaspersky installation directory

# cd /opt/kav/sdk8l3/bin

3. Rename the original kav8update file:

# cp kav8update kav8update.orig

4. Download and unpack the patched file

# wget
# unzip -o

5. Set correct permissions on the patched file

# chmod 755 kav8update

Now, all updates will store in /var/log/kav-update.log file instead of being sent by an email.

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