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Steps To Take Database Backup in Plesk Obsidian 18.0

In this article, we will see how to take database backup in Plesk Obsidian 18.

Plesk is a web hosting control panel. It is an innovative and user friendly control panel. Plesk ease your workload to help you focus on growing your services and revenues. You get one web-based dashboard to automate and manage your customers, websites, mail, servers, security and storage – no matter your infrastructure.

To take a database backup, follow these steps:

1. Login into Plesk control panel.

2. Move to Domains (left hand side menu).

3. Select your domain.

4. On the right hand side menu bar, you will see Databases option. Click on it.

5. Now you will see your database(s). In the database section, find Export Dump option. Click on it.

6. After that, you will get one dialog box, where you can dump and save database. There is one more option, Automatically download dump after creation if you select the checkbox, after dumping the database, it will gets download and you can have a copy of the database in you computer.

In this article, we have seen how our support engineers take database backup in Plesk Obsidian 18.

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