Unable To Access The Drupal Website

Are you unable to access the drupal website and getting insufficient value for max_allowed_packet option error? This tutorial will help you.

The error occurring because of the insufficient value for max_allowed_packet option.

To solve it, follow these steps:

1. Access the server using SSH with root user.

2. Create a back up for /etc/my.cnf file:

# cp -p /etc/my.cnf{,.backup}

3. Open the /etc/my.cnf file:

# /etc/my.cnf

4. Add the following line under [mysqld] section:

max_allowed_packet = 100M

5. Restart MySQL service:

For MySQL:

# systemctl restart mysql 2> /dev/null

For MariaDB:

# systemctl restart mariadb 2> /dev/null

In this article, we have seen how our support engineer resolve unable to access the drupal website issue.

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