How To Enable Rescue Mode VPS

In this tutorial, we will learn how to enable rescue mode VPS.

Rescue mode provides the ability to boot a small Linux environment from another disk so that you can rescue your primary Linux VPS or backup files that are present on it.

To enable rescue mode, login into client area and navigate to services page and choose the VPS you want to enable rescue mode.

After that you will get VPS management page.

1. Click on Rescue Mode

enable rescue more VPS

2. In rescue mode page, you will see two box to set root password in rescue mode.

Enter root password. It will use to login into the VPS in rescue mode and click on Enable Rescue Mode button.

set root password for VPS in rescue mode

After you click on enable rescue mode button, you will get one popup window saying that the process to enable rescue mode has been started in the backgroud

rescue mode enable success message

4. Disable rescue mode

To disable rescue mode, navigate to Rescue Mode section and you will one button named Disable Rescue Mode, click on it.

disable rescue mode vps

After you click on disable rescue mode, you will get one popup window by saying, the process to disable rescue mode has been started in the background.

disable rescue mode success message

We have successfully enabled and disabled rescue mode for VPS.

We have seen how to enable rescue mode VPS and disable rescue mode.

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