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How To Install Centova Cast on CentOS

Centova Cast is the leading management platform for Internet radio streams, providing extensive insight and control to stream hosting providers.Centova Cast offers powerful features for both stream hosting providers and individual broadcasters.

Through the Centova Cast web-based administration panel, administrators receive a consolidated overview of all client accounts (optionally across multiple servers) from a single, convenient interface.

System Requirements:

Before installing Centova Cast, you should make sure that your server meets the following basic requirements.

Operating System:

Centova Cast supports the following operation systems:

  • CentOS 5, 6, or 7 (or equivalent RHEL release)
  • Debian Stable
  • Other operating systems based on CentOS or Debian should (in theory) work with Centova Cast, but are untested and officially unsupported.

Database server:

  • MySQL v4.1, v5.0, v5.1, v5.5, or v5.6 database server

Streaming server:

  • SHOUTcast DNAS v2.x
  • SHOUTcast DNAS v1.9.8
  • IceCast v2.x

Note: that the installer can download and install SHOUTcast DNAS v1/2 and IceCast for you automatically.

Streaming source:

  • Supported streaming sources (also sometimes referred to as “autoDJ” software)

To begain the installation procedure, login into your server via SSH and download the script and make it executable:

wget -O
chmod a+x ./

Replace LICENSE-KEY above with your actual Centova Cast v3 license key from your client area.

Now let’s decide which streaming server/source software you want Centova Cast to install for you. Following are the supported software for the Centova Cast:

  • ShoutCast DNAS v2: add –shoutcast2 to the installer command-line
  • ShoutCast DNAS v1: add –shoutcast1 to the installer command-line
  • IceCast: add –icecast to the installer command-line
  • Liquidsoap: add –liquidsoap to the installer command-line
  • ices-cc: add –icescc to the installer command-line
  • sctrans v2: add –sctrans2 to the installer command-line

Now, run the installation script with any (or all) of the above parameters(highlighted):

# ./ <options>

For example,

# ./ –shoutcast2 –liquidsoap //this is to install ShoutCast DNAS v2 with Liquidsoap

The installation should complete without error and ask you to visit http://your-ip:2199/ to complete the installation. Open your browser and enter the URL provided by the installer.

The web interface should prompt you to choose an admin password and enter the connection information for your MySQL database. Do so.

At this point Centova Cast should inform you that the installation was successful, and will direct you to the Centova Cast login page where you can begin using Centova Cast.

Note: If you get an error or unable to access http://your-ip:2199/ page, may be you need add 2199 port in your firewall.

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