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How to modify CloudLinux LVE limits

In this article, we have explained, how to modify CloudLinux LVE limits. So, let’s get started.

CloudLinux LVE limits can be changed either by using LVE Manager Plesk extension developed by CloudLinux. To install it, connect to the server via SSH and run the following:


# yum install lvemanager

or using lvectl utility.


lvectl is the primary tool for LVE management. To use it, you have to have administrator access. lvectl is a part of lve-utils package.

lvectl syntax

Usage: lvectl command [veid] [options]

Following are the few commands:

1. Reset all LVEs settings

# lvectl apply all

2. Set new default CPU & Physical memory limit:

# lvectl set default –speed=100% –pmem=256m

3. Reset all LVE’s killing processes inside them:

# lvectl destroy all

4. Show list of LVEs and their limits:

# lvectl list

Today, we’ve learned how our Support Engineers  modify CloudLinux LVE limits.

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