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Missing ea-apache24_mod_hostinglimits or ea-apache24_mod_lsapi Package

In this tutorial, we will install package ea-apache24_mod_hostinglimits or ea-apache24_mod_lsapi missing.

This package is missing because of EasyApache 4 switched to a RPM based setup from compiling everything from sources.

All packages, for example Apache, it’s module, PHP etc should be installed from cl-ea4 repository, as the most packages from the EA4 cPanel repository are not compatible with CloudLinux packages and this can lead to various errors.

To enable or setup cl-ea4 repository and install all packages required by CloudLinux, you need to run CloudLinux’s official script, as show below:

# cd ~; wget

# sh cloudlinux_ea3_to_ea4 –convert

The script will install our cl-ea4 repository, and then install all required packages and EA4 profile.

For more detailed information, please refer to this doc section.

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