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Steps To Install Plone 5.2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04

In this article, we will learn how to install Plone 5.2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.

A powerful, flexible Content Management Solution that is easy to install, use and extend. Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information for a public website or an intranet using only a web browser. Plone is easy to understand and use – allowing users to be productive in just half an hour – yet offers a wealth of community-developed add-ons and extensibility to keep meeting your needs for years to come Blending the creativity and speed of open source with a technologically advanced Python back-end, Plone offers superior security without sacrificing power or extensibility.


1. Keep the server up-to-date:

# apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y

Reboot the server to reflect the updates

# reboot

After the reboot, access the server via SSH.

2. Install dependencies

Next, install required dependencies using following command:

# apt-get install build-essential gcc libjpeg-dev wget readline-common libssl-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev python2.7 python-dev python-btrees -y

3. Download Plone 5.2.1 from Launchpad

We need to download Plone from and extract it in /tmp directory so that it will delete it after few days automatically. Use following commands

# cd /tmp

# wget

Extact it using following command

# tar -xvzf Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r3.tgz

4. Install Plone 5.2.1

First change the current working directory to extracted directory of Plone 5.2.1 and run install script to install Plone 5.2.1 like shown below

# cd Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r3/

Now, run the with some options like shown below

# ./ standalone –target=”/opt/plone” –with-python=/usr/bin/python2.7 –password=”password”

  • target – set the target directory where Plone gets install.
  • with-python – mention python bin path to create virtual environment.
  • password – set the admin password. It will use while access the control panel after it’s get installed.

You will get installation complete information like shown in following image

Install Plone 5.2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04

Now, start the Plone service using following command

# /opt/plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl start

After it’s get successfully start, you will get pid of the service.

Access the Plone 5.2.1 access it through the web browser. Open your web browser and type the URL http://your-server-ip:8080, you will be redirected to the page.

Now, click on the Create a new Plone site button. Now, provide your admin username and password (username: admin, password: password), then click on the Sign In button.

That’s it, we have successfully learnt how to install Plone 5.2.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.

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